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Ngarrindjeri Nation Flag

  • This is the STORY of the Ngarrindjeri Flag, first flown on Sunday 21 November, 1999, on Kumarangk (Hindmarsh Island):
    • The 18 dots represent the 18 tribes (Lakklinyeris) that make up the Ngarrindjeri Nation.
    • The spears represent the traditional fishing spears of the Ngarrindjeri.
    • The Boomerang is the Sacred Boomerang that when thrown, circles the Lakklinyeris informing their clan leaders to attend a National Meeting called Tendi (Tendi made and interpreted Ngarrindjeri Law).
    • The Blue colour represents the waters which surround Ngarrindjeri country.
    • The Sun is the giver of life.
    • The Ochre colour of the Boomerang represents our Mother - Mother Earth.
Matt Rigney - Designer of the Ngarrindjeri Flag