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Da$&&&&&&&$U( u*&{&u&&&&r^#PZ& `/ܼ, 8%Z&L&0''%)+)+Z&,,  INCLUDEPICTURE \d "http://hb.lycos.com/header?VID=5905&LHIG=1" \* MERGEFORMATINET    HYPERLINK "/adm/redirect/www"  INCLUDEPICTURE \d "http://ngarrindjeri.tripod.com/adm/img/popup/tripodsm.gif" \* MERGEFORMATINET   HYPERLINK "http://r.hotbot.com/r/tp_embeddedtxthb/http://www.hotbot.com/" \t "_NEW" Check out the NEW Hotbot HYPERLINK "/bin/email_when_updated/display_form" Tell me when this page is updated The Bigger Picture A grassroots campaign for Human Rights   HYPERLINK "http://ngarrindjeri.tripod.com/coorong.html" CLICK HERE TO VIEW AN ARCHIVED WEBSITE FROM THE NGARRINDJERI NGRILKULUN IN DEC 2000 HELD ON KURANGK RUWE (CAMP COORONG)  Contents Current Projects Indigenous Treaty Australian Bill of Rights Reconciliation and Human Rights Candle Light Walk for Justice and Peace Ngarrindjeri Ngrilkulun(Corroboree), at Camp Coorong(Kurangk Ruwe), Meningie SA General Contact Information Treaty Bill of Rights Reconciliation and Human Rights Candle Light Walk for Justice and Peace Ngarrindjeri Ngrilkulun at Camp Coorong, Meningie SA Contact Person Information Treaty Bill of Rights Reconciliation and Human Rights Candle Light Walk for Justice and Peace Ngarrindjeri Ngrilkulun at Camp Coorong,Meningie SA Hot List Comments and Suggestions  Current Projects HUMAN RIGHTS Campaign for Indigenous Treaty, Australian Bill of Rights, Justice & Peace; INDIGENOUS HUMAN RIGHTS VIA A BILL OF RIGHTS & TREATY Indigenous Liaison - Ngarrindjeri Tendi;  HYPERLINK "BIGGER3.jpg"  The Ngarrindjeri Nation Flag (Ngarrindjeri flag image came from  HYPERLINK "http://www.chariot.net.au/~raymur" \t "www.chariot.net.au/~raymur" www.chariot.net.au/~raymur) Please send donations for use of the Ngarrindjeri Flag to the NGARRINDJERI JUSTICE & EQUITY FIGHTING FUND c/: BANK SA - BSB 105-165 A/c No. 015569840  HYPERLINK "ng-flyerwomad.doc" The Bigger Picture - Ngarrindjeri Rights; Link:  HYPERLINK "coorong.html" ngarrindjeri.tripod.com Brief details of this project are obtainable via this Ngarrindjeri link in four (4) files:- " HYPERLINK "http://members.ozemail.com.au/~rmclc/BigrPict.rtf" BigrPict.rtf" [6KB+ & Word 97 file], " HYPERLINK "http://members.ozemail.com.au/~rmclc/BigrPict16pts.rtf" BigrPict16pts.rtf" [10KB+ & Word 97 file]; with the Bigger Picture pledge " HYPERLINK "http://members.ozemail.com.au/~rmclc/BigrPictpledge.rtf" BigrPictpledge.rtf" [11KB+ & Word 6 file], and the words & chords to the Bigger Picture song on file "BigrPictSong.rtf" [5KB+ & Word 97 file]. Ngarrindjeri Treaty - SA Social Contract; A brief description of these project may be provided by consultation with the Treaty working group members on  HYPERLINK "mailto:nlpa@camtech.net.au" nlpa@camtech.net.au , and  HYPERLINK "mailto:kaparrin@lm.net.au" kalparrin@lm.net.au . Australian Social Economic Rights Project (ASERP) - Ngarrindjeri Submission (contribution by Convenor of Reconciliation and Human Rights at RMCLC Inc.) An ASERP submission through VCOSS to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in April 2000 put up Australia's failure to comply with the UN International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights - Two Ngarrindjeri Nation members submitted an appendix to the ASERP UN submission, with the help of Reconciliation and Human Rights. Contact: Alexandre Tikhonov Sec. to the CESCR, UNHCHR, UN Office 1-025, 8-14 avenue de la Paix, 1211 Geneve, SWITZERLAND. RECONCILIATION ANTaR - Australians for Native Title & Reconciliation - South Australian Campaign; Details of this campaign are available from Glen Giles at SA ANTaR on his e-mail:  HYPERLINK "mailto:ggiles@camtech.net.au" ggiles@camtech.net.au SA NAIDOC 2001 - National Aboriginal & Islander Day Observance Committee; Brief details of NAIDOC 2001 are available from ATSIC through free call 1800 064 545 "STARS SWEETHEARTS" - Reconciliation Art Project supported by Roma Mitchell Reconciliation and Human Rights - Portrait of Ngarrindjeri Elder of Meningie entered in 2000 Archibald Prize by local artist Mary Kastanos - portrait made available below with artist's consent [from 138KB JPEG file "2000ArchibaldEntry-Portrait.jpg"] for exhibition on this site.  "STARS Sweethearts" (Setting The Aboriginal Record Straight) is a portrait of Elder Daisy M. Brown Rankine, Ngarrindjeri Elder of Meningie, South Australia, Convenor: Lake Albert Ngori (pelican) Meiwi Sub-Committee. Aunty Daisy is adorned with broaches: the golden pelican (her natji: companion/totem); Meiwi* flag; International Year of the Older Persons (a reminder to respect our elders); plus the Reconciliation emblems. The background waters depict the River Murray at Wellington, where her great grandparents lived. The pelicans, seagulls and shag are some of the bird life of the area. Mary Kastanos: Artist "As an Australian born Greek (my mother's people were refugees from Smyrna, my father a Greek Cypriot), I knew little about this land we call Australia, or its Indigenous inhabitants. In understanding about caring and sharing for each other and the land, I'm learning about reciprocity in living."(Meiwi Flag in background of photograph) . *Meiwi means: "Life to all Living Things, Creatures Great and Small" Elder Daisy M. Brown/Rankine. Corroboree Ngrilkulun Camp Coorong On the weekend 1-3 December 2000 MENINGIE SA Corroboree Ngrilkulun Camp Coorong CORROBOREE ORGANISERS: NLPA and Major Sumner Ngarrindjeri Land & Progress Association Inc. Chairperson Tom Trevorrow: mob. 040 996 1933 / (W)TEL: - 8575 1557 / FAX: - 8575 1448 e-mail:  HYPERLINK "mailto:nlpa@camtech.net.au" nlpa@camtech.net.au Major Sumner (H)TEL: - 8347 7008 CORROBOREE NGRILKULUN CAMP COORONG Further details will be posted on the event as they come to hand.  HYPERLINK "http://www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa/Ngrilkulun.htm"  INCLUDEPICTURE \d "http://ngarrindjeri.tripod.com/BIGGER5.jpg" \* MERGEFORMATINET  HYPERLINK "http://www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa/Ngrilkulun.htm" CLICK HERE FOR TODAY'S UPDATE about the 1-3 Dec Camp Coorong Corroboree Ngarrindjeri Ngrilkulun 2000 Kurangk Ruwe HYPERLINK "http://www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa/Ngrilkulun.htm"  INCLUDEPICTURE \d "http://ngarrindjeri.tripod.com/con_anim.gif" \* MERGEFORMATINET  CANDLE LIGHT WALK FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE Candle Light Walk; Candle Light Walk for Justice and Peace Tom Trevorrow, Victor Wilson & Pastor Kenny Sumner - Community Defenders of Indigenous & Human Rights & the Environment Link: HYPERLINK "Candle%20Light%20Walk%20History.html" \t "www.adelaide.net.au/~norwcls/Candle Light Walk History.html" Candle Light Walk History.html e-mail Roma Mitchell Community Legal Centre Inc., via  HYPERLINK "mailto:norwcls@camtech.nat.au" norwcls@camtech.net.au for brief details of this project in files "Peacewlk.rtf" [a 22KB+ Word 97 file], "CLW History.doc" [a 32KB+ Word 97 file]; & the 634KB "CLWflyer-Kodakimg.jpg" flyer. Further detail of the project may be accessed through Camp Coorong, the Kalparrin Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation Farm and the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Congress: Tom Trevorrow  HYPERLINK "mailto:nlpa@camtech.net.au" nlpa@camtech.net.au Victor Wilson -  HYPERLINK "mailto:kalparrin@lm.net.au" kalparrin@lm.net.au Pastor Kenny Sumner FAX/PHONE 61 8 8396 3934 A more detailed description of this project will be available when the site is developed  HYPERLINK "file:///A:/BIGGERPICTURE.htm" \l "top" Back to Top  General Contact Information Street address Camp Coorong - Princes Highway MENINGIE SA 5624 P.O. Box 126, MENINGIE SA 5264 Electronic mail address  HYPERLINK "mailto:nlpa@camtech.net.au" nlpa@camtech.net.au Web address  HYPERLINK "http://www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa" www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa The Bigger Picture Ngarrindjeri Home Page location is  HYPERLINK "http://www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa/BIGGERPICTURE.html" www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa/BIGGERPICTURE.html Office phone 61 8 8575 1557 / 8575 1657 Office fax number 61 8 8575 1448 To access the Manager -Tom Trevorrow's direct line, call mobile: 040 996 1933  HYPERLINK "file:///A:/BIGGERPICTURE.htm" \l "top" Back to Top  Contact Person Information CorroboreeNgrilkulunCamp CoorongDecember 1-3, - Camp Coorong, Meningie SA Job title - Cultural Performers Co-ordinator Major Sumner - (W): TEL (08) 8347 7008 Reconciliation Volunteers - Human Rights and Reconciliation Many individuals reconciling Australians Key responsibilities Corroboree Ngrilkulun Camp Coorong Cultural Activities shared in reconciliation with all South Australians and visitors Reconciliation and Human Rights Pro-active involvement in the local promotion of Human Rights & Aboriginal Reconciliation, by working together in unison with Indigenous people to assist co-ordination of access to community based legal and related services. Candle Light Walk for Justice and Peace A complete description of this project will be available as the site is developed.  HYPERLINK "file:///A:/BIGGERPICTURE.htm" \l "top" Back to Top  Hot List Site 1 This is the Kumarangk News web site.  HYPERLINK "http://www.chariot.net.au/~raymur/KNEWS.html" www.chariot.net.au/~raymur/KNEWS.html Site 2 This is the Ngarrindjeri flag image link.  HYPERLINK "http://www.chariot.net.au/~raymur" www.chariot.net.au/~raymur Site 3 This is an Aboriginal web site for up to date access.  HYPERLINK "http://www.aboriginalgenocide.com.au/" www.aboriginalgenocide.com.au Site 4 This is an Aboriginal web site for up to date access.  HYPERLINK "http://www.vicnet.net.au/vicnet/koorie" www.vicnet.net.au/vicnet/koorie Site 5 This is a link to the FAIRA Aboriginal Corporation - publisher of "Land Rights Queensland" news.  HYPERLINK "http://www.faira.org.au/" www.faira.org.au Site 6 Link to the Roma Mitchell Community Legal Centre Inc.  HYPERLINK "http://www.adelaide.net.au/~norwcls/BIGGERPICTURE.html" www.adelaide.net.au/~norwcls/BIGGERPICTURE.html Site 7 Links to the networked Ngarrindjeri Bigger Picture websites  HYPERLINK "http://www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa/BIGGERPICTURE.htm" www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa/BIGGERPICTURE.htm &  HYPERLINK "http://www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa/BIGGERPICTURE.html" www.adelaide.net.au/~nlpa/BIGGERPICTURE.html Additional linking site(s) to be detailed: Kalparrin Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Farm - e-mail contact:  HYPERLINK "mailto:kalparrin@lm.net.au" kalparrin@lm.net.au [web link yet to be entered - watch this space - ed.]  Comments and Suggestions Please e-mail trybyrt images through  HYPERLINK "mailto:nlpa@camtech.net.au" nlpa@camtech.net.au to tell us what you think about this page and how to improve it.  HYPERLINK "file:///A:/BIGGERPICTURE.htm" \l "top" Back to Top  Copyright: Site first established by trybyrt images at 5.45PM on 3/11/00. Last revised: December 7, 2000. 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