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The Bigger Picture on Human Rights


Current Projects

Candle Light Walk for Indigenous Treaty,
Australian Bill of Rights, Justice & Peace;
e-mail for a brief description of this project in files "CLW History.doc [Word 97 file]; "Peacewalk.rtf [Word 97 file]" and 1MB+ flyer.

The Bigger Picture - Ngarrindjeri Rights;
A brief description of this project is also obtainable by e-mail from us on disk files.

Indigenous Liaison - Ngarrindjeri Tendi;
Ngarrindjeri Treaty - SA Social Contract;
A brief description of these project may be provided by consultation with the Treaty working group members on , and .

Journey of Healing (National Sorry Day);
A brief description of this project may be available through the National web site for the Journey of Healing from the National Sorry Day Committee at a link to be given.

Norwood Primary School Memorial plaque
for Kent Town Boys Home old scholars;
A brief description of this project will be available when the site is developed

ANTaR - Australians for Native Title and
Reconciliation - South Aust. Campaign;
A brief description of this project is available from Glen Giles at SA ANTaR on

SA NAIDOC 2001 - National Aboriginal
& Islander Day Observance Committee;
A brief description of this project is available from ATSIC through 1800 064 545

The F.A.I.R. Ten Point Plan - Domestic
Violence self-help against perpetrators;
A brief description of this project is available through .
[Will do when we've had your feedback - ed.]
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Contact Information

Street address
110 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067

Electronic mail address

Web address

Page location

Office phone
61 8 8362 1199

FAX number
61 8 8362 0410

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Employee Information

Job title
Convenor - Human Rights and Reconciliation

Key responsibilities
Maintain a pro-active involvement in the local promotion of Human Rights and Aboriginal Reconciliation, by co-ordinating access to community based legal and related services.

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Hot List

Site 1
This is the Kumarangk News web site.
Sample Site 2
yet to be entered - watch this space
Sample Site 3
[Oh happy day when we are that advanced !]

Comments and Suggestions

Please send me mail through telling me what you think about this page and how I might improve it.

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