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Saturday, December 2 - Sunday, December 3, 2000

Dance, sing, eat & celebrate on Kurangk Ruwe at the Camp Coorong Ngrilkulun. All are welcome!

12:00 pm      WELCOME CEREMONY
'til late         
  Local, national and international                        performers,arts & crafts workshops,                        dance, music, storytelling, feasting...

Sunrise         SUNRISE CEREMONY
to 3:00 pm    Day of dance, gatherings, performances                       and workshops

                      CLOSING CEREMONY


Performances by Tal-Kin-Jeri, Maori, Cook Island, Thursday Island, Tasmanian and Canadian dancers, songs by Betty Sumner and Les Sumner
Activities include: basket weaving, wood carving, boomerangs, face painting, museum, films, interpretive tours...

Ngrilkulun is pronounced "nerreekyoolun" and means Corroboree! Tickets prices ($* per person) will be announced and will include entry, feast, camping and parking.
Please bring your own folding chairs and camping equipment. Call 08 85751 557 for more information.