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Saturday, December 2 - Sunday, December 3, 2000

Dance, sing, eat & celebrate on Kurangk Ruwe at the Camp Coorong Ngrilkulun. All are welcome!

12:00 pm      WELCOME CEREMONY
'til late         
  Local, national and international                        performers, arts & crafts,                        workshops, dance, music,                        storytelling, feasting...

Sunrise         SUNRISE CEREMONY
to 3:00 pm   Day of dance, gatherings,                       performances and workshops

                      CLOSING CEREMONY

Performances by Tal-Kin-Jeri, Maori, Cook Island,
Thursday Island and Tasmanian dancers, songs by Betty Sumner and Les Sumner

Activities include: basket weaving, wood carving,
boomerangs, face painting, museum, films,
interpretive tours...

Camp Coorong is located 10km south of Meningie on the Princes Highway

  Ngrilkulun is pronounced "nerreekyoolun" and means Corroboree!
Tickets prices at $*.00 per person will be provided and will include 2-day ngrilkulun, Saturday night feast, 1 night camping and parking.
Please bring your own folding chairs, gas stoves, food and camping equipment.

Call 08 85751 557 for more information.